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Our word is our bond, we provide a product and a service that will last.

At EasyShed we understand how crucial premium quality steel is to the integrity of your structure. For this very reason we guarantee that your steel kit building will include structural components manufactured entirely from premium, Hi-Tensile Steel.In addition to this guarantee, we also promise that your steel kit structure will be manufactured in Australia, and not overseas.

EasyShed Site Specific Engineering Site specific engineering is the process of ensuring that your building is designed to suit the exact location it is going to be built. At EasyShed our team will assess the design needs of your building including:

In considering the above in combination with the intended use of the building we establish the required wind speed for your building, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Why is Site Specific Engineering Important to You?
A properly designed building gives you the peace of mind that your property and those you value, are safe and secure. At EasyShed we are designing for your backyard, not someone else’s. Importantly all our building designs are reviewed by our trained classification experts, before your plans and council documents are released. The process ensures we supply the right building, for the right site, at the right price. This means:

The Australian shed market has always been unregulated and suppliers typically made assumptions of the site conditions or made it the customer’s responsibility to seek and confirm site classification. Best practice is Site Specific Engineering and Classification done by a trained expert. EasyShed are pioneers in developing the process and the thinking, and are working closely with the leading industry bodies to mandate compliance on these important issues.As part of the process of quoting our sales team will ask you to identify exactly where your shed will be built. If you are dealing with a shed company who is not asking the question “Where on your property is your shed going to be built?” ask them, “Why not?”

Our team have a great set of tools to make this process as seamless, speedy and accurate as possible.

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