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Horse Arenas

Australian made arenas, built to protect you when riding from Australia's harshest conditions.
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Horse Arenas

Australian made arenas, built to protect you when riding from Australia's harshest conditions.
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Want to upgrade your facility?

Want to upgrade your facility and add a quality horse arena?

EasyShed helps many clients with equine facilities, including riding and equestrian arenas, for private or commercial purposes.

Let's work together to design YOUR ideal structure. EasyShed offers standard shed kits appropriate for the equine industry but we want to help you find a custom solution that meets all your needs. Custom options include:

  • The span, length and height you need
  • Extra features that suits its purpose
  • What colour do you want and do you prefer Monoclad or corrugated sheeting

Your cyclone rated horse arena will be a long term investment in your equine facility, so let's get started.

Australian Made Structures

How will you ensure your new horse arena is practical as well as striking, without breaking the bank? You partner with EasyShed who is experienced in providing the equestrian community with the sheds, horse arenas and other structures they need.  

EasyShed uses high quality steel, so you can be sure any new horse arenas will be safe for both humans and animals. Even in stormy weather and other harsh conditions, our equine structures have proven to stand the test of time. That’s why we can proudly offer a lifetime warranty.

You also benefit from the EasyShed approach because we’re all about giving you exactly what you need. Whether your equine structures and horse arenas need to be open or fully enclosed, we can help. And yes, we can cater no matter what size, colour or layout you require. Add optional features such as a lean to or header sheets for the ideal equine facility!

If a horse arena is the goal, EasyShed is the solution. 

Horse Arenas

Horse Arena

This Horse Arena has a length of 30 metres, a width of 25.5 metres and a height of 5.8 metres. This design is fully customisable to suit your needs.

  • Up to 30m span and 6m height
  • Snow Loading, Earthquake Loading and Cyclonic Rating
  • Monoclad or Corrugated Sheeting Profiles
  • Colour or Zinc
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Project Gallery

Don't take our word for it, check out our project images. Pictures paint 1000 words. Many of these are custom builds, purpose built.

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