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Sports Equipment Sheds

Sports Equipment Sheds for Your Specific Use.
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Sports Equipment Sheds

Sports Equipment Sheds for Your Specific Use.
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Need Secure Storage Space?

Need a secure storage space to lock away valuable sporting equipment? Whether it's for netball, cricket, rugby or other sports, let's design the ideal sports equipment shed for your purposes. No matter the size, sheeting profile or color you need, we can assist. You can also pick from a range of extras to match your requirements.

We also offer standard kits, so browse through our products and then contact us to discuss your new shed

Our sports equipment sheds are Aussie made, so you know they’re designed for rough weather conditions.

Protect your Assets.

Whether you have a few items for your personal training business or you’re responsible for a mass of equipment at a school or training facility, you need quality. Sports equipment can be pricey and you need to look after your investment. So, partner with EasyShed to get the best storage sheds for sports equipment Australia can offer.

Once it's set up, your sporting equipment will be safe because we use durable Australian steel, sheds are cyclone rated and we offer a structural warranty.

With EasyShed you get peace of mind, because your equipment is safe when not in use.

Sports Equipment Sheds

Check out our most popular models below. Nothing suiting? Take this as a base start or contact us and we will design from scratch.

Sports Equipment Shed

This Sport Shed has a length of 65 metres, a width of 25 metres and a height of 6 metres. This design is fully customisable to suit your needs.

  • Nominate your preferred span, length and height
  • Snow Loading, Earthquake Loading and Cyclonic Rating
  • Monoclad or Corrugated Sheeting Profiles
  • Colour or Zinc
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Project Gallery

Don't take our word for it, check out our project images. Pictures paint 1000 words. Many of these are custom builds, purpose built.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a shed that aligns with Australian standards?

Our sheds are all proudly Australian made, so you can be sure we take no shortcuts when it comes to the material, designing or workmanship. Whether you order structures as school buildings or industrial facilities, each kit is backed by the knowledge of expert engineers. The ordering process incorporates research, such as considering the typography of your premises and wind ratings. This results in quality structures that you can use with peace of mind as shelters, commercial workshops and more. Whatever you use it for, protection is guaranteed and our lifetime warranty is proof thereof.

Do you provide extra features?

We have a long list of extras you can pick from to kit out your sports equipment sheds, warehouses or other facilities to be appropriate to your needs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Roller doors and sliding doors
  • Insulation
  • Lean-tos
  • Dividing walls
  • Windows
  • Corrosion proofing

Request our full list of optional extras and talk to our team about designing your custom unit.

What colour options do I have?

Any of our storage sheds can be manufactured in either zinc, one of the market’s three popular finishes—Slate Grey, Mist Green or Smooth Cream—or one of 21 hues that are exclusive to the EasyShed brand.

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Storage Sheds for Sports Equipment and Other Applications

The right sheds can make life and workflows much easier as long as you pick the right structures. At EasyShed we offer a wide range of kits that are practical for everything from warehouses to commercial workshops. For example, as part of your school buildings, why not use some of our shelters as sports equipment sheds? Our industrial range works for almost any application!

Whether it’s sun, wind or snow, we can create a sports equipment shed that will survive the elements so you can get the protection you are after. Whether it’s sun, wind or snow, we can create a sports equipment shed that will survive the elements so you can get the insurance cover you’re after.

We use high tensile steel and we invite you to share your ideas on shed design with us. What layout will work and how many entry points do you need? Quality roller doors and other optional extras will make your new shed functional AND aesthetically pleasing.

Best of all: you have the option of ordering a custom shed, tailored to your unique requirements. Talk to our team to find out how we can help you design a practical work or storage space.  

{CTA} Request a quote to get the shed that suits your needs

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