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Farm & Rural Sheds

Customise our standard designs to maximise your space to get the height and span you desire.
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Farm & Rural Sheds

Customise our standard designs to maximise your space to get the height and span you desire.
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Customise our standard designs to maximise your space to get the height and span you desire.

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Farm Sheds

Farm sheds are the all purpose storage options for rural lifestyles used for storing everything from machines to vehicles, feed to livestock. When you work the land, you have a lot of tools you need, a lot of equipment you need to keep safe and secure, and a harsh Australian climate to battle with.

We know and understand what that’s like and what you’re looking for in a farm shed you can rely on to stay upright and store what you need.

Our range of farm sheds has been designed to withstand the worst the weather has to throw at you. We use only the highest grade Australian steel for all of our steel buildings and we’re so sure that our components and designs are the best available, that we throw in a lifetime warranty for extra measure. If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy Australian made farm sheds then you’re looking in the right place.

Our entire range of kit farm sheds is available for delivery for up to 400kms away from our local Manufacturing Plant in Albury, NSW. We have a range of standard sizes and designs available for viewing online but that’s not all that we can provide. Our selection of farm sheds is fully customisable depending on your needs and what you’re looking to store. We can also customise other large shed designs, including our range of roller door garages.

Our hay shed designs are available as open front farm sheds but how they’re structured inside can be entirely up to you. You can opt for which bays are open and closed, bay sizes, as well as personal access doors and extras like windows. If you’re looking to design your own farm shed then you can request a quote using our online form, or you can call us on 1300 739 097. We will happily create for you a bespoke Australian farm shed that fits all of your needs, includes all of the extras that you’re looking for and will safely and securely see you out for the rest of your life.

When you’re looking for new farm sheds you need to think long term. For Australia’s harsh climate, any rural sheds must be of the best quality or they won’t last long. And that’s why the EasyShed team is proud of the farm and rural sheds for sale on our product list. Features include hi-tensile steel and a lifetime warranty,matched with low prices thanks to manufacturer direct pricing. When comparing any farm shed price list with our rates, you’ll see why EasyShed is an industry favourite.

Whether you need farm sheds to keep your equipment safe or store hay for the season, you’ll find durable, budget friendly sheds for sale with EasyShed. Our large range of sizes help the farming industry enjoy the best storage solutions on today’s market. And yes,you can order a custom design too, and still get the best shed prices compared to other retailers! You can even pick from different colours.

One of our structures can be the solution to your farm or industry needs. The strong construction works whether you’re looking for shearing sheds or machinery storage sheds, versatile areas such as barns or even cover in the equine industry. From EasyShed you get units you can trust in Australia’s harsh climate. That’s because we base our design on the research we do about your area, and we use tough Bluescope Steel.

We deliver in record time and you can request a quote right here. How can our farm and rural sheds help you this year?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my new structure?

You can benefit the setup process by preparing your premises before your new barn shed or rural structure gets delivered. Measure out an appropriate space and make sure the area is level, flat & clean.  

For a large American barn, hay sheds where you’ll have a lot of foot traffic, or machinery storage sheds, you can also consider creating a concrete floor. This will prevent it wearing out in the long term.

Remember to speak to your council about permits for rural and farm storage sheds larger than 10m².

What are my colour options?

Whether you order open front farm sheds or barns, take your pick from the colourless steel to one of the many colour options in our bespoke range. Colours range from Armour Grey to Tuscan Red and Mountain Blue. Use our website to view the full range of paint colours.

What types of barns and structures can I order?

EasyShed’s rural and farm range is versatile and relevant for equine usage, dairy sheds& more. Designs include creative options such as open gable end sheds that are aesthetically pleasing too. There are garages of different sizes and the units are suitable as workshops too.

You can pick a standard size and design or talk to us about your needs and let’s make it to your preferences.

How long until I have my new structure?

For our larger products such as open front farm sheds and other designs in the rural & farm range, we can deliver +/- 30 days after payment is received.

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